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Since the March 20 lock down and the massive migration of workers to their homes as work places, we have been extremely busy helping our customers’ staff work ergonomically on the Computer Home Work Stations; helping them add ergonomic equipment, change and adapt layouts, carrying out ergonomic chair assessments to improve their comfort and productivity.


For many employers there has been the concern that DSE regulations apply to DSE users* when they work at home on a permanent long-term basis or routinely split their time between their workplace and home (sometimes called hybrid working); where this is the case DSE assessments for individual workers will be required and the risks will need to be managed.  Of course even where the DSE regulations don’t apply the employer still has certain responsibilities towards its staff and provide them with appropriate checks and guidance as well.

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The extended Work at Home ‘phenomenon’ has resulted in a substantial increase in visitors to our showroom keen to take advantage of the facility to try an extensive amount of chairs, including chairs that can be tailored and adapted, before they commit to a purchase.  After all, would you buy a pair of shoes before trying a pair to see if the size was right for you; and would you buy a pair of shoes without first checking that their intended application would be supported by their design?  Well why buy a chair without doing that?  After all, its tactile interface with your body is more than that of a pair of shoes!  Especially as, for many, it might be that this ‘phenomenon’ may become a norm.

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Very unusually we have 2 only brand new Ergochair Adapt 600 series ergonomic for sale both of which would be good for Home Office Use, with a substantial saving on both. Normally we would charge much more for these chairs.


These are fully adjustable office chairs that are ideal for Computer Work Station use.


If you want to know more about them, their special specification to enhance comfort, and to discuss if they could be a good fit for you, then call us on 01462 681370.

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Having acquired additional premises, we have Expanded our Showroom so that visitors can benefit from being able to experience from not only a Chair Assessment based on a massive selection of chairs, but also experience it within a Work Station that we configure from Desking (height adjustable or fixed height), Ergonomic Mice, Keyboards, Wrist Rests, Laptop Risers, Monitor Arms, Document Holders, Book Holders and Footrests in order to provide them with a One Stop Shop experience that can save time and enhance the effectiveness of their choice.

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This is one of the biggest questions at the moment, and , in our experience, the country seems to be going in different directions and there is a lot of uncertainty.


Working at Home, a new mode for most people, seems to have many protagonists but also many antagonists; for some it has meant the negation of travelling time and the benefits of being at home and more time with their families; for others it has meant missing the physical presence of team members, and exposure to the distractions of a domestic environment.


Of course working at home has brought about, for many people, a situation where they have been operating computers on a continual basis without the correct ergonomic equipment to make an ergonomic work station that is safe and comfortable, and that affects both employer and employee because, in most situations, where safety and comfort are reduced so is productivity!  Have a look at the video on this website titled “helpful advice about working  at home.”

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The next time you are in a general office, have a look at how many people are referring to hard copy documents, on a continuous basis, that are placed flat on their desk; now think of the way you work at home on your computer.  Are you, like they, looking down and to the side at documents, on a continuous basis, that are placed flat on the desk surface and to the side of the keyboard or even between the keyboard and the monitor screen?  Depending on your body measurements and in relation to your chair and desk positioning, this might be causing you to cant your head downwards at too steep an angle and twist your neck whilst also compromising your neck and shoulder area, and moving your back away from the support of the backrest of your chair which, in some people in some situations, can cause discomfort and strain.

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The current Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many organisations to instruct their staff to Work at Home or Work from Home and continue to use computer equipment as part of their work duties, in their home; in some instances members of staff have been experiencing Discomfort and Lack of Productivity when working at their computers at home, and we have been consulted for advice on how to restore good Computer Work Station Ergonomics in the Home Environment. 


Often the root cause of the discomfort and lack of productivity has been the fact that Ergonomic Compromises have been made because of the use of domestic furniture that is not appropriate for the purpose of configuring an Ergonomic Computer Work Station in the Home.   We therefore hope the following tips will be found to be helpful.


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