Duo BackThe Cpod system is another unique backrest that features Elastomer mesh to hybrid with five lateral straps that adapt elastically to the user’s full back profile providing support and pressure relief.  The strap tension can be adjusted using five labelled ratchets on the side of the backrest giving added support where required in the Sacral, Lumbar and Thoracic regions of the back.  The Cpod back system has been scientifically set to a level of ideal spinal support.

The Cpod backrest can be combined with four different seat sizes to make sure the chairs fits the person.  The seat pads are made up of CMHR with a Memory foam top layer as standard.  Sliding seat and side tension are also a standard feature. 

They are suitable for 24/7 use and up to

150kg use.

With optional extras such as a choice of

armrests, headrest, coccyx cut out or relief

zone and polished aluminium base.