Designer Daniel Figueroa and Dauphin’s ergonomics experts have worked closely together and have come up with a
seamless fabric for X-Code that moulds to users’ movements like a second skin.

The striking backrest is made up of a sturdy plastic shell with a flexible tensioned membrane. In order to achieve optimum support for the back, the membrane is complemented by an adaptable slatted structure. As a result, the backrest remains transparent, permeable to air and thus breathable. The result is optimum seating comfort and support.

What is particularly striking about these chairs is the way in which their functions determine their overall styling. For
example, the horizontal gaps in the
backrest shell not only provide support and allow ventilation but are also one of the characteristic design features of X-Code.

The X-Code product family offers not only a wide range of functions but also
numerous possibilities for individual configuration, with a choice of upholstery or a mesh fabric, trendy or timeless colours and a white or black backrest shell.